Top Tips For Easy Breastfeeding

For new and even experienced moms, the task of breastfeeding can be taunting, especially if baby is uncomfortable or isn’t a fast latcher. I know when I was in the hospital after my first was born, I was constantly anxious about him waking up and needing to feed. It wasn’t easy! Luckily, there are many tips for easy breastfeeding and to make it as comfortable as possible, both for mom and baby.

1 Positions

There isn’t only one way to hold a baby while breastfeeding. There are at least 8 different ways you can try. What worked best for me was the “football” position, which is where you hold baby under your arm like a football, while he rests on a pillow. You can find a list of positions here.

2 Invest in a Nursing Pillow

I would have gotten nowhere without my nursing pillow. Little did I know you get even cooler, more helpful ones than I had these days. Invest in a pillow with different levels.

3 Relaxation is Key

Because baby’s can pick up on your senses, your baby will feel stressed or anxious if you are. Put yourself in calm surroundings and make sure you don’t get upset if you are struggling as it will only make it harder.

4 Ask For Help

When in hospital, ask a nurse for as much help as you can get, so that when you go home you have a better understanding of how to go about things. Make sure your partner learns a thing or two to help you at home as well.

5 Leave Baby’s Nostrils

Did you know that baby’s can breathe and swallow at the same time? Fascinating. What’s also fascinating is that baby’s nostrils – no matter what shape, size or colour – are designed so they can breathe out the sides of their nostrils when their noses are pressed against your breast. So, don’t hold your nipple away from baby’s nose – they can breathe! – it makes it difficult for them to latch to the best of their ability.

6 No Bottle

If it’s possible, try for as long as you can to avoid giving baby a bottle or dummy or anything else that could change the way he sucks/latches. It’s not always possible for various reasons, but do try at least in the beginning.

7 LOADS of Milk

Make sure your breasts aren’t too full and engorged when baby is trying to latch. It makes it extremely difficult for them! Rather express in the shower or even use a breastpump. Don’t over-express else your breasts will over-develop. Your milk production is based on baby’s needs and feeding habits!

8 Now not Later

DON’T wait until baby is STARVING to feed. If it is a struggle in the beginning and baby is hungry, he/she will become extremely frustrated which will make it even more difficult for them to latch!
Make sure to follow these tips if you are struggling with breastfeeding your little one, and goodluck!
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