How To Treat Baby Rash

Babies get rashes you can guarantee that. How you go about treating a rash makes all the difference. Seeing your baby with a rash is incredibly disturbing. It not only look sore but you can only imagine the discomfort your baby is experiencing.

Help is here Moms! We’ve listed below several products to help and a few natural remedies. We hope at least one of these will help soothe and prevent severe rash outbreaks.

Maizena and Vaseline

A good old fashioned South African natural remedy is mix Maizena together with Vaseline and rub on the area where the rash is. Works a treat and is super economical. Not to mention limiting the amount of chemicals.

Rash Ointments

There are a couple on the market, but here is a list of a few that work well and are recommended by Moms:

  • Medaspor ointment
  • Castor & Zinc ointment with Anisol
  • Medaspor and Bepanthen ointment
  • Sudocrem ointment
  • Zinc and castor oil cream
  • Antipeol
  • Petroleum jelly

Rooibos Tea

Yep gotta love our Rooibos tea. Soak cotton wool in the rooibos tea and apply to rash. Continue to do this several times.

Helpful tips to prevent a nappy rash:

  • Avoid using wet wipes when you baby has a nappy rash. Rather use cotton wool or a wet cloth.
  • Keep the area dry and if possible it’s better to use cloth nappies.
  • Give your child lots of probiotics to stabilize acid content in stomach.
  • Change your babies nappies regularly and apply nappy cream each time.

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