Twin Brother Nearly Dies After Being Trapped Under Falling Drawers

It’s every parents worst nightmare – a TV cabinet, chest of drawers or table falling on your child. And worse if it happens whilst you aren’t around to save your child.

This is exactly what happened to 2-year old twin brothers. Caught on CCTV cameras inside their bedroom, the twin brothers were trying to climb on top of the drawers. A few moments later you see the drawers fall over, trapping one of the twins under it. The other twin takes a while to realize his brother is trapped under the drawers, but miraculously manages to lift the drawers to save his brother.

In 2016, Ikea agreed to pay $50m to the families of three toddlers in the US killed by chests of drawers falling on top of them. This is a growing concern for many parents. If you have young toddlers, who are also particularly boy-stress, you should use wall mounts to secure any chests of drawers.

To watch the full video see below (caution: content may disturb some viewers)

Here are a few tips for you to help prevent this happening in your home:

  • Anti-tip devices are sold online and in-stores for prices ranging.
  • Remove items that might tempt kids to climb, such as toys and remote controls, from the top of the TV and furniture.
  • CRT televisions should only be placed on furniture designed to hold a television, and should be anchored to the wall or the TV stand.
  • Existing furniture can be anchored with inexpensive anti-tip brackets. New furniture, such as dressers, are sold with anti-tip devices. Install them right away.
  • Mount flat-screen TVs to the wall or to furniture to prevent them from toppling over.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to secure TVs and furniture properly.
  • Televisions should only be placed on furniture designed to hold a television, such as television stands or media centers.
  • Televisions that are not wall mounted should still be anchored to the wall.

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