Unbelievably Cool Products For Busy Kids

If you ask any Mom they will most likely say their child is particularly buys. I think we can safely says kids are just busy full stop. Up until the age of about 5, they just do not sit still. And who can blame them, life is exciting right?

We stumbled across this Facebook page named ‘Busy Bums’ and not only did we find reasonably priced items, but we also found some incredibly nifty products also.

Listed below are the one’s we think you’ll like:

Crawling Knee Pads

Price: R90

Cute Toothbrush Holder


Baby Bath

Price: R999


Price: R999

Price: R999

Price: R249

No Tears Hair Cap

Price: R99

Ladybug Harness

Price: R120

Seat belt Positioner

Price: R100

Wrist Link

Price: R249

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