Video That Reminds Moms They’re Doing A Great Job

It’s tough being a mom. Juggling multiple moving objects, always trying to remain composed. When really you’re a hot mess inside. Questioning everything you do and is it the right way or not. Reading millions of parenting articles only to make things even more confusing. Reaching out to your Mom friends for advice becomes the norm. Because it really does take a village.

Being a working mom or a stay-at-home mom has various benefits and disadvantages. When you ask a SAHM ‘How was your day’, you’re likely to get an answer that is completely different to a working mom. No doubt spending the entire day with young, busy children is going to have serious side affects. But the same can be said for a working mom, sitting in her office. Wishing she could be afforded the opportunity to stay at home and spend more time with her kids.

Often us Moms doubt our ability in providing the best upbringing for our kids. Questioning every action and reaction. Social media plays a massive part in this pressure. How to be the perfect Mom. Well to be honest there is not perfect Mom. We are all trying the best we can, given our personal circumstances. And these days are tough.

Then comes this video, my heart.

It really just does put everything Moms do into perspective.

A sweet reminder to each and every one of you, what you see is not necessarily what your child sees. Remember that.

Remember the good. We are groomed to always look at what we can do better. But shouldn’t we be looking at what have done well. And each day remind ourselves of this.

You’re doing a good job.

If you’ve had a particularly rough few days, weeks or even months. Have a watch and give yourself a break. SHARE with a fellow mom.

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