What Are Parents Doing Wrong, Without Noticing

Parenting is not easy. We’re constantly being fed with different view points and overwhelmed by the many articles telling what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

Here is an honest post on what parents are doing wrong, without even noticing they’re doing it wrong.

Not letting children be children

I know this isn’t the case worldwide, but in the US we expect children to be independent at such an early age. I find it weird, and not good. Babies are not meant to sleep alone, and they really need the bonding of body to body contact, even if the parents have opted not to breast feed. Older children (toddlers, preschoolers) are not meant to sit still, keep their voices down, listen and never cry. This is behavior that we expect of adults. Forcing children to be little adults is terrible for them. Kids need to be active, to explore, to make mistakes and to learn from them. They need to mature at their own pace, and they will need the reassurance of mom and dad for as long as they need it. Don’t force, everything in nature happens at its own pace, including maturation.

Not getting children outdoors

Nature deficit disorder. It’s real and it affects a child’s brain, motor skill and social development. People have become far too domesticated and dependent, not to mention wholly unable to handle discomfort. Nature is the world’s biggest classroom, gym, and supplies everything a child needs to develop into an independent, confident, strong, healthy and whole person. Bring your children outside. You need it too!

No expectations for kids

Kids (like everyone) feel better when they are a part of a whole and feel they have value and something to contribute. My 4-yr-old puts her toys away, helps in the garden, feeds the cats, helps “fold” laundry and puts her dishes in the sink. She may complain about it, but I can tell she feels important when I tell her that the kitties are so glad she is home, because they are depending on her to feed them their dinner, or that I really appreciate her helping in the garden so that we have food for dinner. Feeling needed and able to contribute are important for self-esteem. She also learns that all things worth having require effort.

Trying to control everything

Kids eat dirt. They speak their minds. They get naked at inopportune times, lol. None of it is a big deal. Kids aren’t a status symbol, and the most important thing isn’t to impress your friends and neighbors with how well behaved your kids are. Childhood is probably their only opportunity to be wild and free. So long as they aren’t a danger to themselves or anyone else, and aren’t being disrespectful or inconsiderate, let ’em have at it.

Too much stuff

Seriously, kids don’t really need all that stuff. Most of it is probably toxic, or bad for them developmentally. My daughter plays outside. She chases butterflies, makes up whole storylines using twigs, rocks and dirt, digs for worms, plays in the creek out back, chases the cats around and around. She has a million toys that people have given her over the years, and most of them sit in the toybox. Stuff doesn’t make people happy or fulfilled, and the sooner people learn this, the better for everyone.

Not teaching empathy and compassion

Too much time spent on what your kid will achieve, not nearly enough to teach them to be good people.

Feeding chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, and other scary stuff to little kids.

It really isn’t hard to feed healthy food to kids. They like simple food anyway. It’s just as quick to go out to the garden with your child and pick some fresh veggies, steam them up and feed them to him or her as it is to go to the store and buy something. It’s also a lot more educational, you get to spend time together and at the end they have something healthy and nutritious to nourish their mind and body.

Parents who act like children


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