What Is Hypnobirthing

Many woman who are pregnant have a deep instinctual desire to give natural birth. Yet, the whole medical model of antenatal care seems to stack the odds against moms fulfilling their birthing desires. Moms are seen as “lay” persons, patients.

This essentially causes anxiety and unhappiness during pregnancy and at antenatal visits when moms don’t feel heard; and on baby’s birthing day when the birth does not go the way anticipated. On a subconscious level, woman have internalized the medical management of birth as an inability to birth naturally. They have come to doubt their innate ability to give birth resulting in a real fear for childbirth. Sharing of horror stories that lead to further fear and dis-empowerment.

Hollywood also hasn’t done us any favours by sensationalizing labour. Our brains immediately latch onto these movie images when we hear the words “labour” or “childbirth”.

If you are looking for a way to hack your brain so that you can experience birth as a positive, empowering and transformational event, then HypnoBirthing® is a childbirth preparation course you simply need to enroll onto.

HypnoBirthing® uses childbirth education and self-hypnosis i.e. deep relaxation and guided visualisations, to release deep seated anxieties and fears around childbirth. It helps to re-frame your expectations about birth and to form new (positive) neural pathways linked to birth in your prefrontal cortex.

What is even more spectacular is that nature has perfectly designed a woman for natural childbirth.

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When a woman is relaxed and focused and feels supported and safe, she releases endorphin’s and oxytocin. The pain reducing capabilities of endorphin’s are 200 times stronger than morphine. Hacking your brain to tap into these hormones is a great trick if pain is your nemesis. And oxytocin, the shy happy hormone that was present when baby was conceived, actually allows the uterine muscles to work in perfect harmony. Thus opening the cervix to enable a more comfortable and quicker birth.

The birthing hormones work like an old fashioned scale. Either endorphin’s and oxytocin are up during the birthing experience, or catecholamine and adrenaline are surging through the body.

Catecholamine is the stress hormone present when there is fear and anxiety causing the body to go into fight, flight or freeze mode. It leads to tension in the uterus, negatively impacting the workings of the uterine muscles which results in pain. Basically all Mom has to do to avoid this stress response is to -remain relaxed and free of tension – so that her baby and body can work in perfect harmony.

As easy as this sounds, it is like saying that all you have to do to complete the Cape Town Cycle Tour – is to cycle 113 km. It is very possible and can be done without trauma, but you need to be fit. Have practiced riding different distances and inclines, need to have the right mind set, cycling gear, refreshments etc. And of course, external factors (like your cycling partner or the Cape Doctor) should favour your decision to complete the race and be supportive of your cycling pace and abilities.

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Using self-hypnosis to enhance cycling performance through visualising. Completing various phases of the race and imagining crossing the finish line, will greatly increase your performance and enjoyment of what some believe to be a very challenging task. This analogy is relevant for birth.

Through knowing what to expect during birth, rewiring your brain around the concept of birth and practicing deep relaxation and visualisation before your due date, HypnoBirthing® becomes a birthing hack that will allow you to tap into your natural birthing abilities so that you can have the natural birth that you desire.

If you want to learn more about HypnoBirthing® and listen to personal experiences and hear local stories and information which is relevant to your geographical area. Visit www.intunebodymind.com

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