The Wonder Weeks Baby App – Helping New Moms

The Wonder Weeks baby app is helping moms everywhere. It’s not easy to understand your brand new baby, especially if you’re taking care of one for the very first time. Babies go through many different changes in the first stages of their lives that change the way they see the world. This can be quite confusing and stressful for them because it is all so new to them and they haven’t experienced anything like it before.

Research shows that babies make 10 major, predictable changes all around the same age during the first 20 months of their lives. During these 20 months, they learn more than they will at any other time. With each of these 10 changes, or “leaps”, there comes a drastic change in your baby’s mental development. These leaps have an effect on everything that is your baby, including your baby’s mood, health, sleeping patterns, intelligence and the 3 C’s (crankiness, clinging and crying).

New moms often worry about their baby when they notice considerable changes in their babies behaviour, but what they don’t know is that almost all of it can be explained. Based on the bestselling book The Wonder Weeks, there is an app you can download which is a personalized daily calendar of your baby’s development that keeps you informed about the mental changed and leaps your baby goes through. This means you can see why your baby is being fussy or clingy and not be worried that something is wrong.

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Features of the app include:

  • Calendar showing when your baby makes a leap in his mental development
  • What your baby can understand and learn after this mental leap
  • What your baby can do after this leap
  • What you can do to help your baby


The app is a handy reminder for when your baby’s brain is changing and making a significant advance in mental development, especially for new parents. Because these leaps come so quickly, the “new world” and new abilities can sometimes be scary, and the development can initially manifest in poor sleep, bad appetite, crying, clinging and crankiness, which results in grumpy moms and dads. When you know what your baby is going through and why, you will understand your baby’s behaviour and not jump to being negative or cranky, but rather help your baby through it and make sure he grows to the best of his ability. By knowing what is going on inside your baby’s mind, it helps you to make the leap easier for your baby and to stimulate his development.

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Further, the app provides you with an ultimately personalized chart with all the dates that mark a specific difference in your baby’s mental development. It sends you notifications when your baby is making a leap and gives insights on how you can help your baby.


The Wonder Weeks has won prizes in several countries as the best parenting app, so try it out, it will surely put your mind at ease about many things that you are worried about your little one.

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