Woolworths In the Hot Seat Over Plastic Egg Containers

We live in the digital age where naming and shaming has become the norm. People are quick to take to social media to have a good rant. In most cases most people jump at the opportunity to argue, which ultimately turns into nasty online abuse between complete strangers. However, in this particular case everyone unanimously agreed, shared and commented. Posted only a few days ago, already over 900 shares with 1.5k likes and over 400 comments. This viral post has also gone way post the original thought, with many sharing their view points on other products sold by Woolworths.

The product that was pointed out were the Woolworths recent launch of their brightly colored plastic egg containers. Here is the full post, with update.

The year is 2050, you’re snorkeling some place exotic where the water is clear and blue and you take so many underwater selfies for Instagram that your iPhone may never recover. And then you spot it, in all its beauty. You can’t believe you’ve come all this way and it’s right there in front of you. Incredible. Breathtaking. The WOOLWORTHS SA eggs you bought in the hot pink container in 2017 is floating around in front of you. And there’s a few fish too.

There’s estimated to be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Why is Woolworths selling eggs in plastic containers to be trendy and cute? Environmental irresponsibility is not cute.

Cardboard is biodegradable.
Cardboard is good.
Cardboard is better.
Even if lime green egg containers are used from recyclable materials, it doesn’t make it acceptable.


(Disclaimer: I am not a fancy plastics professor. But I am not an idiot either.)

UPDATE: WOOLWORTHS SA has discontinued the plastic egg box trial.

According to some comments, many Woolworth stores are still stocking this item. Even though Woolworths announced the discontinuation of this product.

We would love to hear if you have seen these containers in your local Woolworths? And any other thoughts on their packaging.

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